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Nearly 2000 places in nurseries purchased

published: 2019-06-06 11:19, mlan
Nearly 2000 places in nurseries purchased fot. Nearly 2000 places in nurseries purchased

The City of Warsaw closed the call for tenders for the purchase of places in non-public nurseries, children's clubs, and day care centres. Based on the verification procedure of the submitted offers, we now know that the City has secured nearly two thousand places in non-public institutions as of September.

The “Warsaw for the Youngest” Programme is gaining momentum. We have received bids as part of another call. Thanks to this we already know that we will purchase nearly two thousand places in non-public nurseries - and this is just the beginning,”  said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski visited a newly built nursery in the Wola District, at Ciołka St. It is one of the three facilities that will welcome children in September this year.
“Our goal is to conduct a revolution by building new facilities, and purchasing places in non-public nurseries. As promised, we are due to meet all the needs of Varsovians related to nursery care during this term of office,” said Mayor Trzaskowski.
The number of places in public nurseries will increase as of September 2019. Places in non-public institutions meeting City standards (nurseries, children’s clubs and day care facilities) will also be available from September. Parents will not pay for them, just as in public nurseries and public day care facilities.

The number of places in nurseries has grown #WarszawaDlaNajmłodszych

Currently, in Warsaw there are approximately 17,000 places in public and non-public nurseries, and the City is planning to add at least 11,000 places by 2023.
Three new nurseries, at Ciołka St. in Wola, at Cynamonowa St. in Ursynów, and at Łaguny St. in Wesoła, will be opened this September. Tender procedures are in progress for the purchase of equipment and furniture. In total, over 350 young residents will be enrolled in these three institutions.

Eight nursery buildings are currently under construction. Two nurseries are being built in Ursynów, and Bielany, Praga-Południe, Targówek, Ursynów, Wilanów and Żoliborz will each receive one nursery. These will be facilities with places for 150 children each, while the nursery in Ursynów, at Kazury St., will be an integrated nursery and the largest care establishment with 225 places. In total, these nurseries will provide 1,270 new places.
On 30 May, the City Councillors are planning to make a decision on allocating funds for the construction of a further eight nurseries as part of Warsaw’s Multiannual Financial Forecast. Thanks to this, we will be able to begin the construction of two nurseries in Białołęka, Targówek, and Wola, and one in Wilanów and Włochy.