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Names of the best writers revealed

published: 2018-06-11 13:15, mlan
Names of the best writers revealed fot. Names of the best writers revealed

An iconic young-generation writer, one of the best reporters of the decade, a poet describing human body and identity in the most tender way, and a prose writer who has made her debut as an author of children’s books ‒ these are the laureates of the 11th edition of the Warsaw Literary Award.

Undoubtedly, the awarded authors are very talented people. We hope that, by speaking of book titles significant to Polish literary culture, we will contribute to popularising book-reading not only in Warsaw but also across Poland,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw.

This year's edition of the City of Warsaw Literary Award proved that our capital city is still a very significant theme in contemporary literature. The names of last year's best writers were announced on 6 June during the grand gala held at the Studio Theatre.
One of the most special moments was the award of an honorary title of Warsaw Creator to Ernest Bryll, a prose writer, poet, author of lyrics, translator and diplomat. His lyrics to such songs as “Psalm stojących w kolejce” [Queuers' psalm] have become iconic protest songs which contributed to the change of Polish attitudes in the transformation period.

The award ceremony is accompanied by numerous literature-popularising events. The City of Warsaw has organised meetings with this year's prize winners who will speak about their winning books, adding splendour to the Literary Picnic upon the Vistula River (8-10 June), the Libraries’ Night (9 June) and Jan Kochanowski's Name Day (23 June).

The laureates of the 11th edition of the City of Warsaw Literary Award
•    Prose: Jakub Żulczyk, Wzgórze psów [Dogs’ Hill], Świat Książki Publishing House
•    Warsaw edition:  Anna Bikont, Sendlerowa, W ukryciu [Sendlerowa - In Hiding], Czarne Publishing House
•    Children's literature: Magdalena Tulli, Alicja Rose, Ten i tamten las [Forests Here and There], Wilk & Król Publishing House
•    Poetry: Maria Bigoszewska, Wołam cię po imieniu [Calling You by Your Name], Forma Publishing House

The City of Warsaw Literary Award, a tradition interrupted by World War II, is returning for the eleventh time in its contemporary staging. The City of Warsaw Literary Award has a tradition which has lasted for several decades, but is open to novelties, presenting increasingly attractive forms of reaching new readers. It is also one of the tasks implemented by the City of Warsaw, aimed at supporting Polish literary culture.