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The municipal police has helped nearly 11 thousand animals

published: 2018-02-02 13:19, mlan
The municipal police has helped nearly 11 thousand animals fot. The municipal police has helped nearly 11 thousand animals

2017 us another record-breaking year both in terms of the number of notifications and the number of animals that received help from the municipal police. The officers rescued not only abandoned, homeless or injured cats and dogs, but were also increasingly often called for wild animals.

A request to help an animal every 13 minutes

38,680 notifications concerning animals were received by the municipal police in 2017, which is by 6% more than a year earlier and by as many as 31% more than five years before. Most often the requests for help for animals received by the municipal police came from the Mokotów (4024), Wawer (3515) and Białołęka (3501) districts. The lowest number of notifications was recorded in Rembertów (698). The municipal police recorded an increase in the number of notifications as compared to 2016 in Wawer – of as many as 23%.

Almost 11 thousand animals under the care of municipal police officers

In 2017, the officers caught as many as 10,904 animals which were then moved to specialised institutions, returned to their owners or released to their natural environment. The largest number of animals was caught in the spring and summer – 1303 in May, 1369 in June, with the lowest number observed in February. Over a half of the caught animals were mammals (5934), most frequently dogs (2843) and cats (1726).

The officers also caught 4,833 birds, accounting for 44% of all the caught animals.

Increasingly more interventions involved wild animals which entered urbanised areas, e.g. to search for easily available food. In 2017, the municipal police recorded
4,794 events with wild animals, which is by as many as 25% more than a year before. Most of these events concerned wild boars – 3319 (69%), much less – roe deer, reaching 277 (6%), foxes – 196 (4%) and elk – 152 (3%). In the remaining 850 (18%) cases the officers helped small forest animals (e.g. hares, martens, badgers).

The zoo, the animal shelter and the natural environment

The municipal police for years has closely cooperated with the Warsaw zoo in terms of helping animals. Most of the animals caught in 2017 (3552, 33%) were moved here. 3166 cats and dogs (29%) were transported to the "Na Paluchu” animal shelter. 840 (8%) animals, thanks to, i.a. microchip implants, were returned directly to their owners. 1686 animals (15%) were released to their natural environment, and 1063 (10%) were transported to veterinary clinics.