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Miss Wheelchair World 2017 - tickets reservation has started

published: 2017-09-26 10:05, mlan

On the 7th of October at 19:00, during Final Gala of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 in Ursynów Arena, for the first time in history the most beautiful woman on wheelchair will be chosen.

This event is an important step in the way of changing an image of disabled people and at the same time a unique opportunity to spend evening in the company of inspiring guests and celebrities.

On the first weekend in October 24 women from all over the world will compete for the crown of the most beautiful one, during the first in history Miss Wheelchair World pageant. Moving under wheelchair is the only thing that distinguishes our candidates from their peers. What connects them is beauty, strength and faith in winning this prestigious award. Miss Wheelchair World is so much more than just a beauty pageant. It's also a unique opportunity to integrate the community of disabled people from all over the world and an important step in the way of changing an image of these people in society. Candidates of the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 prove that wheelchair doesn't have to be an unbeatable limitation and that every woman has a right to pursue her dreams.

Organiser of the pageant is The Only One Foundation and The Capital City of Warsaw is the host. Producer of the event is Stołeczna Estrada.
Final Gala will be accompanied by interesting artistic part. Musical attraction of the evening will be performance of Monika Kuszyńska and SoundnGrace - a popular band performing gospel, R&B, soul and funk. On stage will also present Sahel Blues with young people from Młodzi Migają Muzykę group. Guests will also have a chance to enjoy dance shows performed by dancers from popular TV show Taniec z gwiazdami and Swing - Duet group.

The first Miss Wheelchair World pageant will be held in Ursynów Arena on Pileckiego 122 street in Warsaw. Facility is well-adjusted to the needs of people who are using wheelchairs. To ensure a capability of active participation in the event to all guests, during Final Gala will also be available translation into polish, international sign language just as inductive loop and live audio description.

Book a ticket for the event
Free of charge tickets for this unique event are available on www.misswheelchairworld.com website. To book a ticket You need to fill a form located on this website, confirm making reservation by pressing "send". On provided in the reservation e-mail address will be send link that will generate a ticket (You should pay attention to Your e-mail settings and in case of absence of confirming reservation e-mail, check Your SPAM folder).

The amount of tickets for Final Gala is limited. About granting the invitation decides ranking of made and confirmed reservations.
Each ticket has it's own unique number. You can register maximum 5 people on one form, although You have to sign in each persons name and surname and an information whether that person in using wheelchair or needs inductive loop, sign language translator or audio description.

For Final Gala You need to take a printed ticket with You or it can be saved on Your phone/tablet.
We want to ask everyone, who in planning to join us at Final Gala, to arrive an hour before the start of the event - that is up to 18:00.

If You need any detailed informations about the event or You would like to see profiles of all candidates please go to www.misswheelchairworld.com website or fanpage of the event on Facebook.