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Millions in green subsidies

published: 2018-01-19 13:48, mlan
The City of Warsaw also supported the installation of solar thermal collectors. fot. The City of Warsaw also supported the installation of solar thermal collectors.

In 2017, the City paid residents nearly PLN 11.1 million in green subsidies. As a result, the implementation of 1460 investments was supported. And 279 of these were connected with getting rid of coal furnaces.

I am pleased that Varsovians are taking advantage of the municipal green subsidies more and more often. Even though the supported investments pertain to particular buildings, the environment as a whole benefits from them,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw, adding “In fact, these are not investments in any particular equipment or pipeline, but in residents’ health.”

In total, nearly PLN 2.2 million was allocated from the City’ s budget for the replacement of heating systems. Varsovians contracted 279 grant agreements - 262 of them (totalling nearly PLN 1.9 million) were connected with the conversion to gas heating systems, and 17 (totalling PLN 322 thousand) related to connection to the municipal heating network. Due to the above, at least 351 non-green heating sources, such as coal furnaces and gas boilers were removed from the capital in 2017. In total, the investments concerning the conversion of heating systems affected over a thousand households.

At present, the second round of the grant application process is under way, involving updating boiler rooms combined with getting rid of coal boilers or furnaces. Varsovians can count on financial support ranging from PLN 7,000 to even PLN 20,000. The investments are to be carried out in 2018. Applications are accepted till 31 March 2018. However, the financial support granted cannot exceed 75 percent of the actual costs of the implemented investment.

Not only furnaces – the biggest funds for RES yet
Another ally in the fight for air quality is RES investments, i.e. investments in local renewable energy sources. The number of applications involving RES is growing consistently. In 2016, 170 such projects were implemented, and last year their number reached an impressive 546! The total amount of financial support for the said investments exceeded PLN 6.3 million.

Most projects were related to the fitting of photovoltaic installations. The number of