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By metro to Trocka Street soon

published: 2019-09-11 13:48, mlan
By metro to Trocka Street soon fot. By metro to Trocka Street soon

Since 4 September, Metro Line 2 trains have been running – without passengers yet – on the entire route. The line has been extended by adding Szwedzka, Targówek Mieszkaniowy and Trocka stations, the construction of which finished on 10 May.

On 4 September, trains servicing Metro Line 2 were already running in the so-called full loop, i.e. from the Rondo Daszyńskiego station to the Trocka station. These changes were not noticeable for passengers of the underground railway as other trains were running according to their standard timetable and frequency.

Only the train drivers have experienced the differences so far. After the passengers left the train at the Dworzec Wileński station, the drivers continued their journey – stopping at Szwedzka and Targówek Mieszkaniowy stations – until they reached the Trocka station. Behind it, on the holding track, they changed the direction of driving and set off on the route to Rondo Daszyńskiego. However, first passengers still boarded the train as far as the Dworzec Wileński station.

These test drives constituted another element of the drivers’ training before the launch of the eastern section of Metro Line 2. They were also used for the final corrections to the timetable and the planned frequency of Line 2 operation.

The following stations: Szwedzka, Targówek Mieszkaniowy and Trocka, which are part of the eastern section of Metro Line 2, have already been commissioned. They have also obtained positive opinions issued by the State Fire Service and the Sanitary Inspectorate, following their respective inspections. Once a permit for use is issued by the Voivodeship Inspectorate of Construction Supervision, the line will be put in operation.