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The lowest-ever number of dogs in the “Na Paluchu” animal shelter

published: 2018-11-08 13:43, mlan
The lowest-ever number of dogs in the “Na Paluchu” animal shelter fot. The lowest-ever number of dogs in the “Na Paluchu” animal shelter

A new record was set at the “Na Paluchu” animal shelter. As of 3 November, there are currently 666 dogs living in the shelter, which is the lowest number of dogs in the history of this facility. The “Ochota na Kota” [“Cats wanted”] campaign is also hugely popular with residents who have adopted 27 cats so far.

“It is a tremendous success, resulting from the involvement of residents, the staff of the shelter and City officials. We promote pet adoption in Warsaw, both during open-air events, such as the Mongrel March, and on the Internet, as shown by the “Ochota na Kota” facility in the Ochota district. We are educating children and adults that marking of dogs and cats prevents their homelessness. This year alone we succeeded in chipping 3004 pets free-of-charge, with a total of 95,500 animals since 2007,” said Michal Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

It is a special day for us. I would like to thank the entire team of the animal shelter for their engagement. Thank you, volunteers, for your efforts to prepare pets for adoption. Thank you, carers, for your everyday care of the animals. Thank, you, vets, for constantly improving the quality of veterinary care. I would like to thank the admission and adoption office for their everyday efforts and care for the highest quality of services,” said Henryk Strzelczyk, Head of the “Na Paluchu” animal shelter. “The Warsaw programmes for free chipping and sterilisation of animals are also of great significance here. Thank you again on behalf of our four-legged friends from “Paluch,” he added.

Until recently, the facility admitted lost and homeless animals from the Warsaw and Piaseczno area. Since February 2018, we have been also admitting animals from Góra Kalwaria. Thanks to the active promotion of “Paluch”, and educational activities addressed to the youngest Varsovians, the number of dogs and cats in the animal shelter has been reduced by nearly 70% over the last eight years. On 31 December 2010, there were 2366 animals living in “Na Paluchu.” At present, there are only 722 pets waiting for a loving home in the animal shelter.