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Lower water and sewage charges

published: 2018-03-19 09:22, mlan
Lower water and sewage charges fot. Lower water and sewage charges

The operators of the Warsaw supply system have applied for the approval of lower water and sewage charges. A new lower tariff will apply for three years.

The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company (MPWiK) in Warsaw has prepared a new tariff for public water supply and sewage collection in the City and neighbouring areas.
“We have good news for the residents of Warsaw. We have applied to the market regulator for the approval of lower water and sewage charges in Warsaw and neighbouring areas” said Witold Pahl, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. “This means real savings for every family.”

The suggested price in the new tariff is PLN 9.85 gross, which is 14 percent lower than the currently binding one, i.e. PLN 11.47 gross. Water supply system operators estimate that for a family of four this will translate into about PLN 310 in savings per year. It is the first time that the tariff will be binding for three years – from 2018 until 2021.
MPWiK has applied to the National Water Management Authority to obtain approval for the new tariff. As per the new regulations binding from this year, it is the national regulator which approves tariff changes for all water supply companies in Poland.

Tap water in Warsaw is tasty, healthy, and doesn’t need to be boiled before drinking. The water supply system operators have installed water drinking stations in over 200 Warsaw schools. Soon similar devices will be installed in public utility organisations such as zoos, museums and government institutions.
MPWiK has been modernising and expanding its network for many years. In the last 10 years the company has spent over PLN 6.2 bn on investments (nearly 40 percent of this amount was matched by EU funds).