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Let “Pożar” (”The Fire”) be a warning

published: 2019-01-31 09:14, mlan
Let “Pożar” (”The Fire”) be a warning fot. Let “Pożar” (”The Fire”) be a warning

Extinguishing burning oil with water, covering ventilation shafts or overloading electrical installations might result in a fire. “The Fire” is also a title of Warsaw’s educational film which educates Warsaw schoolchildren on how to behave in order to prevent fire hazards.

I am convinced that the various examples of hazardous behaviour which are presented in the film will raise the awareness of young Varsovians. It shows situations which observed on a daily basis. We are sometimes unaware that our reckless behaviour could lead to a tragedy. Thanks to “Pożar”, young people will become aware of potential threats, and I hope they will be able to protect themselves and their nearest and dearest against them,” said Marek Kujawa, Deputy Director of the Public Safety & Crisis Management Department.

Over 4000 fires are recorded in Warsaw each year, and nearly a third of the incidents occur in houses or flats. Many fires could have been avoided, if the basic fire safety rules had been observed. What are the rules? The students of Years 4 to 8 of primary schools and students of secondary schools can gain that knowledge from the film.

The film was created with a view to raising students’ awareness on avoiding dangerous situations and taking proper action in the event of fire. It shows several examples of situations which occur in our houses on a daily basis, while cooking, cleaning or using a fireplace. The film was produced by the City of Warsaw in collaboration with the Warsaw State Fire Service.

The educational film entitled “Pożar” and the model lesson plan will be delivered to Warsaw schools free of charge, where it will serve as a teaching aid for educators who wish to organise educational and prevention classes.