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Krakowskie Przedmieście for pedestrians

published: 2019-04-23 12:18, mlan
Krakowskie Przedmieście for pedestrians. Fot. Z.Panów fot. Krakowskie Przedmieście for pedestrians. Fot. Z.Panów

At weekends Nowy Świat and Krakowskie Przedmieście streets are again converted into pedestrian zones. From 20 April (Saturday) to mid-October, the Royal Route, at a section from the Gen. Ch. de Gaulle Roundabout to Senatorska Street, can only be used by pedestrians and cyclists.

The closed street sections are marked as residential zones, with vehicle access being allowed only to residential premises, by residents holding TK identifiers, as well as to the Presidential Palace, the Caritas Care and Treatment Centre, the Central Agricultural Library (supplies) and Kozia Street. Newly-weds, rescue and cleaning services, as well as cyclists are also let through.

Entrance by the authorised vehicles to the closed streets will only be possible from Swiętokrzyska Street to Nowy Świat Street, towards the Gen. Ch. de Gaulle Roundabout, and from Gen. M. Tokarzewskiego-Karaszewicza Street to the remaining sections of Nowy Świat and Krakowskie Przedmieście. Two-way traffic is maintained on Bednarska Street in order to let the residents pull out without the need to enter Krakowskie Przedmieście (at weekends Bednarska Street can only be accessed by the residents and people wanting to get to the institutions located at Krakowskie Przedmieście Street; no parking is also allowed along this street). Traffic along Świętokrzyska Street, through the junction with Nowy Świat, is also maintained.

Moreover, at weekends vehicles cannot pull over along Wierzbowa Street (the lay-by) and Moliera Street (adjacent to Teatralny Square), with drivers being notified that if they do so, their vehicle may be towed away at their cost.

The weekend routes have been changed for the following bus lines: E-2, 111, 116, 180, 222, 503 and 518. Line 128 and 175 buses, as well as N44 night buses, will pass through Marszałkowska and Królewska streets. Detailed information about the traffic diversions for the Warsaw Public Transport vehicles can be found here.
This traffic organisation will continue to apply every weekend until mid-October, and on holidays and days in between holidays, i.e. on 29 and 30 April, 2 May, 21 June and 16 August.