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The inauguration of a new school year

published: 2018-09-11 11:05, mlan
The inauguration of a new school year fot. The inauguration of a new school year

More than 210 thousand students from public and non-public schools welcomed a new school year on 3 September

This school year will not be easy, which is due to the changes to our education system introduced by the state government. As a local government we are reducing the negative impact of the reform, and at the same time broadening the city’s educational offer. We are investing new funds in education in Warsaw. Last year we implemented free public transport for students at primary schools in Warsaw. We have been the first local government to waive kindergarten tuition fees. This has resulted in savings to the family budget amounting to as much as PLN 1000 every year,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw.

New schools and kindergartens
Starting this September, 600 students have attended a new school in the Ursus District on Dzieci Warszawy Street (a modern building with two sports halls, three playing fields and two playgrounds, which cost PLN 34 mln).

The budget allocated for education in Warsaw, together with investments, amounts to PLN 4.29 bln, of which
- PLN 2.50 bln are City of Warsaw funds;
- PLN 1.79 bln are a subsidy from the Ministry of National Education.
Despite this proportion, which is difficult for the City of Warsaw budget, we have constructed 34 kindergartens and 15 schools, and modernised quite a lot of them. This year and next year will see the completion of the construction of twelve kindergartens and four schools.

The building of a special primary school for children with autism has also undergone  thorough modernisation. The cost of the modernisation, together with the construction of a kindergarten, amounted to PLN 10 mln. In addition to the replacement of all the installations, thermo-modernisation, and the reconstruction of rooms, a new sports hall has been built.
As much as PLN 122 mln was allocated for renovation works alone, which is more than in the previous years (2017 – PLN 116.5 mln, 2016