Miasto Stoleczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

The ice-skating season has started!

published: 2019-12-20 09:08, mlan

Warsaw skaters can now improve their skills in city ice rinks. In the 2019/2020 winter season, fifteen ice rinks will be opened. In addition, the newly refurbished and retrofitted Szcześliwicki Centre is now ready to welcome winter sports enthusiasts.

Below, there is a list of city ice rinks in Warsaw in the 2019/2020 winter season, with their opening dates:

1.    Bemowo District – at ul. Obrońców Tobruku 40 – free rink – open;
2.    Białołęka District – Białołęka Sports Center at ul. Strumykowa 21 – paid ice rink – open;
3.    Mokotów District –“Stegny” Ice Skating Track SCS "Active Warsaw" Sports Centre at ul. Inspektowa 1 -–paid ice rink – open;
4.    Ochota District – Ochota Sport and Recreation Centre at ul. Rokosowska 10 – paid ice rink – open in mid-December;
5.    Praga-Południe District – School Complex No. 37 at al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 24 – free ice rink – open;  
6.    Śródmieście District – in front of the Palace of Culture and Science – free rink – open;  
7.    Śródmieście District – Old Town Square – free rink – open;
8.    Targówek District – Sport and Recreation Centre Targówek at ul. Łabiszyńska 20 – paid ice rink – open;  
9.    Ursus District – Primary School No. 11 at ul. Keniga 20 – free ice rink – due to open in mid-December;
10.    Ursus District – Primary School No. 14 at ul. Sosnkowskiego 10 – free ice rink – due to open in mid-December;
11.    Wawer District – Wawer Sport and Recreation Centre at ul. V Poprzeczna 22 – paid ice rink – open;  
12.    Wesoła District – at ul. Armii Krajowej 72– free ice rink – due to open in mid-December;
13.    Wilanów District – Wilanów Sports Centre at ul. Gubinowska 28/30 – paid ice rink – open;  
14.    Wola District –  "Moczydło" Centre, SCS "Active Warsaw" Sports Centre, at ul. Górczewska 69/73 – paid ice rink – open;
15.    Wola District – the square at the Wola District Office, al. Solidarności 90 – free rink –due to open in mid-December.

Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts can use the year-round winter sports facility "Szcześliwice" centre at ul. Drawska 22. The surface of the slope, with an area of approximately 9,500 m2, is covered with a Dendix matting. At temperatures above zero, it is sprayed with "water fog" to reduce friction and improve sliding, while at temperatures below zero, three snow cannons will be used. Skiers can reach the top of the slope using two ski lifts, a platter lift and a chairlift. In addition, there is a gravity rail for tobogganers on "Szcześliwce".