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How many people actually live in Warsaw?

published: 2019-09-10 14:59, mlan
How many people actually live in Warsaw? fot. How many people actually live in Warsaw?

By metro to Trocka Street soon. Since 4 September, Metro Line 2 trains have been running – without passengers yet – on the entire route. The line has been extended by adding Szwedzka, Targówek Mieszkaniowy and Trocka stations, the construction of which finished on 10 May.

The question about the number of residents is only seemingly simple. Different sources quote different data due to employing different counting methodologies. For example, Statistics Poland estimated that, at the end of 2018, Warsaw had 1,777,972 residents (960,312 women and 817,660 men). In turn, in the Warsaw residents’ register kept by the Administration & Civil Affairs Department, 1,637,488 persons were entered as of 31 December 2018.

Exact data on the number of residents, both in the whole city and in its particular districts, is essential for the adequate spatial planning, the proper organisation of public transport and education, as well as the provision of appropriate healthcare services – to name just these three areas of the city's life. Therefore, the City of Warsaw has decided to apply an additional innovative method of estimating the number of residents: the “big data” analysis facilitated by mobile telephony networks. In 2018, the City established cooperation with Orange, one of the largest telecommunications operators in Europe and Poland. On the basis of data collected by the network and by applying Orange's expert knowledge (details in the methodological description), the following results were obtained:

•    In May 2018, in a given working week (Monday to Friday), an average of 2.275 million people stayed in Warsaw during the day. However, this number also included people who came to work in Warsaw from outside the City. Since only those persons who regularly spent a night in the capital during the analysed period could be considered its residents, that number amounted, on average, to 2.070 million (counting every night of the working week 21.05 – 27.05.2018).

•    The analysis made it possible to estimate how many residents regularly left the City for the weekend. In the analysed period, on average, 1,874,000 people stayed in Warsaw during the weekend night, i.e. 196,000