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“The green wall” – a novel project on Wawelska Street

published: 2018-04-26 12:56, mlan
“The green wall” – a novel project on Wawelska Street fot. “The green wall” – a novel project on Wawelska Street

Varsovians who live and go to school or work on the northern side of Wawelska Street will be relieved to hear that already this year the residential estate will be separated from the street with a green wall. Two-metre-high shrubs will be planted on an area of more than two kilometres along one of the main streets in the Ochota District. The contractor selection process is under way.

Living in a big city near a busy street does not have to be associated only with inconveniences. We are going to prove that with the “Green wall along Wawelska Street” project. This is where we are going to plant more than 21 thousand shrubs and 500 other plants to not only reduce the noise level for the residents but also to limit the amount of dust and, above all, to improve the visual appeal of the street,” said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

Warsaw's Greenery Authority announced a tender procedure to select the contractor for “the development of the greenery areas on the northern part of Wawelska Street together with underground infrastructure (the automatic irrigation system)”. The area covered by the project is more than 4.5 hectares. The western border of the plantings will be Grójecka Street, and the eastern border will go along Niepodległości Avenue.

The main objective of the project is to plant hedge shrubs with ready modules in a cuboid shape. The designers did not forget to include variations such as climbing plants and perennials,” said Marek Piwowarski, Director of the Greenery Authority of the City of Warsaw.

Along an over 2.2 kilometre-long section almost 27.5 thousand plants will be planted: 21 thousand shrubs, 1.7 thousand climbing plants, 1.9 thousand perennials and 2.9 thousand bulbous plants.