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The green changes to be decided by Varsovians

published: 2018-02-02 13:21, mlan
The green changes to be decided by Varsovians fot. The green changes to be decided by Varsovians

The #ZieloneUlice Warszawy (Green Streets of Warsaw) project is entering the phase of consultations in the successive districts of the city. In the coming days meetings with Varsovians will be held in Śródmieście, Wawer and Wilanów, and further in Mokotów, Ochota, Praga-Południe, Wola and Ursynów.

"We are asking Varsovians about how to make their streets greener. We would like to them to participate in the consultation process and decide about their surroundings and the streets they use every day," said Michał Olszewski, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

From 1 to 4 February Warsaw's gardeners from the Warsaw Greenery Authority will carry out consultations with Varsovians in as many as eight districts.

Residents can also submit their suggestions in writing. These can be sent by Monday, 5 February electronically to konsultacje@zzw.waw.pl or by post to the following address: Zarząd Zieleni m.st. Warszawy, ul. Hoża 13a, 00-528 Warszawa. Also welcome are photos and comments accompanying each suggestion on the expected changes.

The suggestions will help create the designs
In mid-February, the suggestions will be published as brief summaries and then used by the designers as a basis for incorporating the citizens’ ideas in the street greening conceptual design. In the first half of March the design will be evaluated by the project’s steering committee. Next, final adjustments will be made and finally, in April, the designs will go back to Varsovians for re-evaluation.

The street conceptual designs and the report from the meetings will be released in May 2018. The designs will be used to prepare the detailed designs of the plantings. The first trees will be planted as early as in 2018, and the designs which require more significant transformations will be implemented gradually in the following seasons.