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Further new flats for Warsaw residents

published: 2018-10-16 12:52, mlan
The housing estate on Kłobucka St. includes not only flats but also an extensive community infrastructure. fot. The housing estate on Kłobucka St. includes not only flats but also an extensive community infrastructure.

67 new flats, including one used for foster care purposes. The last three buildings were added to the community housing complex at Kłobucka St. First tenants got the keys to their flats on Thursday, 11 October.

We have provided over 20,000 flats to residents for the last 12 years. The number is due to reach 23,500 by the end of this year. The crèche at Kłobucka St., which will be opened in November, is the 39th facility of this type built during my term of office,” said Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw. “The complex will also house a flat for a foster care family. It has become common practice to allocate the biggest flat in a new or upgraded building for foster care purposes, to the benefit of children who require care and love, because they can’t live with their own families.”

Flats, crèche and foster care
As part of the second stage of the project implemented at Kłobucka St., three buildings housing 67 flats, a crèche for 40 children and a flat for a foster care family, were built. The cost of this stage is PLN 18.9 million.
Let us remind you that the first stage of the works included the construction of six buildings housing 187 flats and two assisted-living flats.

Kłobucka - an open estate
The housing estate on Kłobucka St. includes not only flats but also an extensive community infrastructure. The Local Activity Spot, operating since June 2017, has fit in the nearest surroundings very well. Children, teenagers and adults can spend their free time here actively and creatively, expanding their knowledge, pursuing their interests, or fostering neighbourly relations. There are also two branches of libraries for adults and children.

Children and teenagers can attend the “Ursynów” educational club, opened in November 2017. The same building, since June 2018, has also housed an outpatient clinic. Now the housing estate has gained a nursery school.

Flats for Warsaw residents
We are planning to provide a total of 23.5 thousand social flats by the end of 2018, including nearly 3.7 thousand of newly built housing units, and 19.8 thousand of renovated uninhabited flats. We are implementing further projects and renovation works.

39 crèches in twelve years
The crèche at Kłobucka St. is the 39th such facility built within the last twelve years. The number of places in crèches for the youngest Warsaw residents is growing, also thanks to purchasing places in non-public institutions and employing day caregivers. There were 3156 places in Warsaw’s crèches in 2016. We are currently providing care to 7,600 children in city and non-public crèches, and at day-care providers. The crèche at Obrońców Tobruku St. was opened at the beginning of October, while the new facility at Trakt Lubelski St. will welcome children in mid-October. We are completing the construction works of further facilities. The City is planning to allocate approx. PLN 120 million for the operation of nursery schools, the purchase of places and remunerations paid to day-care providers.