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First residents in the tenement house at Mała St.

published: 2019-06-06 12:09, mlan
First residents in the tenement house at Mała St. fot. First residents in the tenement house at Mała St.

The tenement house at 15 Mała St. has undergone a major transformation. On Friday, 17 May, Rafał Trzaskowski handed over keys to its first residents.

We have started or have been preparing to launch projects that will deliver over 2,000 flats. Our residents will collect the keys to the first 700 flats by the end of next year. “Our final goal is to build 1,500 flats a year,” says Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, and adds that “the development of each district is part of our plan. In some districts, including Bemowo, Targówek, Wesoła, and Ursus, we are having new flats built, while in others, such as for example in Praga, we are renovating historic buildings.”

The building is listed in the municipal heritage register, and is part of the urban layout of Mała St. During the comprehensive upgrade of the tenement house, the attic was repurposed for residential use. The building houses eight flats with one and two-room, including two two-storey flats. The flats are move-in ready, as the floors and walls have been finished, the bathrooms are equipped, and the cookers, sinks, switches,
and sockets have been installed.

“It is a beautiful flat with great atmosphere. We are planning to move in as fast as possible, We are beginning to pack with our children today,” said Anna and Dariusz, who received the keys from Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski on 17 May.

The building also houses a famous commercial establishment on the ground floor, facing Konopacka St. The residents will have the opportunity to shop there shortly.
The tenement house was part of the film set of “The Pianist” directed by Roman Polański.

We are building flats for Warsaw residents

Municipal flats provide opportunities for persons entering their adult lives, for senior residents, persons with disabilities, and families with children. “We have started, or have been preparing to launch projects to deliver over 2,000 flats. The first tenants will move to the new 700 flats by the end of next