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Enterprising youngsters 2.0.

published: 2019-01-03 10:51, mlan
Enterprising youngsters 2.0. fot. Enterprising youngsters 2.0.

Thanks to the municipal programme “Enterprising youngsters 2.0”, young Varsovians have an opportunity to develop their creativity and find out how to make their business concepts work.

The programme “Enterprising youngsters 2.0” combines the following projects: “Start-up Jump’” and “Creative youngsters”, which enjoyed great popularity in the 2017/18 school year. The “Start-up Jump” project included 350 students from 27 secondary schools, and the “Enterprising youngsters” project (currently “Creative youngsters”) project attracted approx. 2700 school and university students. This year the programmes operate under a single name “Enterprising youngsters”.

“We support entrepreneurial and innovative attitudes among Warsaw’s young people. Young participants of municipal projects can develop their interests, skills and passions useful both in further education and professional endeavours, in everyday life and in their activity in the urban space,” said Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

The first success stories
The team of Varsovian school students from last year’s edition of the “Start-up Jump” programme got through to the finals of the competition “I make 4 my city” in Paris. Warsaw's FabLab powered by Orange is one of 16 teams invited to participate in the finals (24 January 2019). The event will feature 3-member teams from the whole world (two students and a coordinator from the FabLab). For young people this will be a fascinating adventure and an opportunity to spread their wings and to get to know enterprising people from around the globe. Each year the Orange Foundation in France organises a competition for young people who are active in FabLabs supported by the foundation in various parts of the world.

The subject of this year’s competition was “Sustainable development in everyday life”, and the participants had a chance to present their innovative solutions in the form of prototypes of inventions or applications. The team of young Varsovians created a prototype of a mobile application which combines recycling with DIY. The application was wholly made by a team of six general and technical secondary school students under the content-related supervision of FabLab's coordinators.  
Three prizes will be awarded in the competition. Two winners will be selected by the jury, and the third awardee will be chosen through online voting.

Start-up Jump
Under the project, the students will be familiarised with the activities of municipal entrepreneurship support centres and the service ranges of selected partners of the city operating in the field of business, innovation and technology. The purpose of the programme is to popularise information on the city entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem and further development possibilities, including business initiatives in Warsaw and obtaining support for individual entrepreneurship.

Creative youngsters
The programme is addressed to the students of Warsaw's secondary schools: 1st degree industry schools, technical and general secondary schools and of Warsaw’s higher education institutions. The goal of the programme is to develop key competences, including social skills, contributing to the entrepreneurial attitudes and employability of young people, and also to support creative initiatives and forms of activity. In 2019 young people will have an opportunity to submit their ideas for the competition for technical innovations.
The “Creative youngsters” programme is implemented by the Polish Children and Youth Foundation.