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E-parking to save drivers' time

published: 2019-04-23 12:23, mlan
E-parking to save drivers' time. Fot. ZDM fot. E-parking to save drivers' time. Fot. ZDM

With a competition for providing a parking information system being launched, drivers will eventually be able to find a parking place in the centre of Warsaw easier and quicker. The mobile application to be developed will cover as many as 30 thousand parking places, and will be one of the first systems of this kind worldwide.

"We are introducing smart city solutions to facilitate transport in the City. Last year we began modernising the Integrated Traffic Management System that ensures smooth and safe traffic at a hundred of trouble spots across the City. E-parking, which we are planning to implement as part of the Virtual Warsaw Functional Area, will be another innovative solution," said Robert Soszyński, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw.

E-parking to reduce both traffic jams and smog
The system will feature a map of vacant parking spaces within the Unguarded Paid Parking Zone. Special sensors or cameras will verify in real time whether a given space is occupied or vacant, letting the drivers using a dedicated mobile application to quickly check the route to a free space and pay for leaving their car there.

This dynamic parking information will let users save time and fuel (which has been estimated to correspond to even PLN 1,500 yearly). Emissions of CO2 and other harmful substances are also likely to decline. Finally, e-parking is expected to facilitate traffic in the city centre.

The parking information system will also cover Legionowo, Marki, Pruszków, Radzymin and Ząbki, as Warsaw has been granted PLN 17,000,000 from EU resources to launch and operate the system in 2020-2026. Although the EU funding provides for approx. 10,000 parking spaces, the Warsaw City Council has decided that the project will ultimately cover a total of 30,000 spaces (with the additional resources being allocated within the City's budget for the upcoming years).