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Drones to detect illegal hearths

published: 2019-01-16 14:09, mlan
Drones to detect illegal hearths fot. Drones to detect illegal hearths

The City is intensifying the struggle against smog and polluters. The Municipal Guards have been equipped with drones which can detect the locations where harmful substances are incinerated

New devices will speed up inspections and allow intervention in remote places. Additional patrols are also being planned.

“We hope that the new equipment, intensification of inspections and more rigorous procedures are aimed at eliminating air pollution sources,” said the Mayor of Warsaw.
Two new drones will be used in the everyday operations of patrols as of 14 January.  They are equipped with pollution sensors, thanks to which the guards will be able to monitor the real-time emissions of harmful compounds. The meters also show the concentration of formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, and PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles from waste incineration. The devices have a built-in video and thermal vision camera, which supports an accurate and fast detection of the sources of harmful smoke.

The „Combat Smog” Programme
Warsaw is due to allocate approx. PLN 300 m for combating smog over the next four years. The funds will be allocated for, i.a., the liquidation of high-emission stoves, the connection of subsequent buildings to the city district heating and gas networks, and co-financing renewable energy sources. The planned investments funded by the city budget also include the improvement of public transport services, and providing more greenery in the city.