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The Delfin swimming pool has been revamped

published: 2019-07-08 10:55, mlan
The Delfin swimming pool has been revamped fot. The Delfin swimming pool has been revamped

The popular swimming Pool on Kasprzaka Street has undergone an extensive upgrade. The project cost almost PLN 12 million. Delfin is now a modern, environmentally, family- and disabled-friendly facility.

Located at 1/3 Kasprzaka Street, the Delfin swimming pool is one of the most popular places for enthusiasts of water leisure in Wola. Both the interior and the exterior of the building have received an extensive upgrade. “As a city for active people, Warsaw needs modern and environmentally friendly sporting and leisure infrastructure. The new swimming pool delivers just that,” said Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. “Varsovians can now use new fitness and sauna facilities. Supporters and guests can watch the swimming pool from comfortable stands. All this is available in a freshly renovated interior, which is now more environmentally friendly as well.”

The facility is disabled-friendly. "Among other things, we have provided people on wheelchairs with separate exits from changing rooms leading to the basin, adapted toilets and showers, and light switches at an appropriate height,” said Bartosz Kusior, Manager of OSiR Wola, the district centre for sports and recreation.
The swimming pool provides a wide range of sporting and leisure opportunities, including swimming lessons, water aerobics and lessons for small children in the shallow part of the basin. Also, students from local schools go here for PE lessons. Starting from 25 June, the facility has been open for all Varsovians from 3 p.m.