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Coffee clubs to reopen on the boulevards

published: 2019-04-11 10:02, mlan
Coffee clubs to reopen on the boulevards fot. Coffee clubs to reopen on the boulevards

A competition for the leasing of premises along the Vistula has already commenced. Cultural meetings, sporting events, and concerts will be organised by eight coffee clubs. In the summer season, noise monitoring and additional Municipal Guard patrols will be organised on the boulevards.

“In keeping our promises, we will retain the unique character of the Vistula boulevards of which Varsovians have grown so fond. While the coffee clubs are to become vibrant with life again, we also intend to ensure that the local residents enjoy their peace and quiet. That's why we are planning to keep the level of noise in the riverside facilities under control during music events,” said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw.

Potential lessees can choose from six premises located in the area between Czerniakowski Cape and Sanguszki Street. A new facility situated opposite the Multimedia Fountain Park will also be opened. The competition jury will take into consideration, inter alia, the cultural programme, including discussions, workshops, field games, theatre performances, and stand-ups. Additional points will be given for replacing disposable tableware with reusable items, and also for using biodegradable waste bags, and eco-friendly straws, cups and plates. Musical events will be organised on Thursdays (till 11.00 pm), and on Fridays and Saturdays (till 3.00 am). In the selection process, the jury will also take into account the previous experience of the potential lessees.

Safety will improve
For safety reasons, additional lighting and CCTV systems will be provided along the riverbank. In addition, increased numbers of Municipal Guards and police officers have been patrolling the boulevards since the end of March. The City will also provide more waste bins and ensure improved sanitary standards. The residents will have the facility to report any irregularities to the Municipal Contact Centre at 19115, both via a mobile app and by phone.