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Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

A climatic farewell to the holidays on Zamkowy Square

published: 2018-08-28 14:27, mlan
A climatic farewell to the holidays on Zamkowy Square. Fot. Z.Panów fot. A climatic farewell to the holidays on Zamkowy Square. Fot. Z.Panów

On Sunday, 2nd September, Zamkowy Square will be filled with eco-attractions, organised under the 10th edition of the Picnic with Climate. This year, residents and tourist will enjoy various events, whose motto is: "Poznań - Warsaw -Katowice - from words to action."

Education and fun zone will be located right next to the Royal Castle for the eleventh time, within this recurring ecological and cultural event. This year, education activities have been merged with numerous sports activities and entertainment. Both younger and older participants will find something to their liking.

Photography fans will get an opportunity to visit an exceptional "Us versus the Smog" atelier, and memory game enthusiasts will play "Climate Change” cards. In addition, the event's programme includes an unusual contest in the form of a computer disassembly race, and ecological coffee prepared by the Embassy of Germany with the use of solar energy. In turn, the Embassy of Denmark is planning to teach children how to ride bicycles safely, and to present a special bicycle for transporting goods, which is perfect for bigger shopping. The participants will also get the chance to see how water treatment process looks like in various conditions. The event starts at 11:30 a.m., and will last for five hours.

For many years, the picnic has been a perfect opportunity to expand the knowledge on environmental protection in an attractive way, in particular, on the care for clean air and climate protection. The admission is free of charge.
The main motto of this year's picnic: "Poznań - Warsaw - Katowice - from words to action" refers to a very important event, namely the fact that Poland will host the UN Climate Summit for the third time.

Warsaw is consistently counteracting climate change and air pollution, undertaking activities in such areas as energy efficiency, transport, and greenery. The PLN 16 billion budget has been allocated for the expansion of Metro Line 2, the purchase of low-emission buses, and the development of cycling infrastructure. Residents can apply for having their old coal-fired stoves replaced, or for having their houses connected to the Warsaw heating network.