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City drinking fountains with Warsaw tap water are ready

published: 2019-07-08 10:59, mlan
City drinking fountains with Warsaw tap water are ready fot. City drinking fountains with Warsaw tap water are ready

Varsovians can now quench their thirst with water from the city’s drinking fountains. The first taps are up and running on Nowy Świat Street, Plac Dąbrowskiego Square and Plac Teatralny Square. A total of 30 will be installed as part of a pilot project. Citizens have decided on their locations in participatory-budget projects.

Our citizens are increasingly willing to give up bottled water in favour of Warsaw tap water. Now, they can drink this water also in a number of public spaces. Public drinking fountains can be found in major locations across the city ,” said Justyna Glusman, Director and Coordinator for Sustainable Development of the City of Warsaw. “Due to climate changes, the heatwaves are getting harder to cope with. So, we provide Varsovians with access to fresh water to make sure they get by safely.

The city taps are connected to underground hydrants. Their locations have been chosen based on participatory-budget projects submitted by the residents. The look of these taps is inspired by the distinctive, green tower-like structures set in the Vistula river bed, “Gruba Kaśka” (“Fat Kate”) being the best known of them. “Gruba Kaśka” was built exactly 55 years ago.
We have two types of drinking fountains. Some of them are green, some have a brown finish to fit with the old-time surroundings. The taps are up to standard, safe, hygienic and comfortable. Their regulated water flow makes it easy to drink directly from the tap, as well as to fill up a bottle,” said Renata Kuryłowicz, Deputy Director of the Greenery Authority of the City of Warsaw.
Easy to operate, city taps can be used by children and adults alike. Also, the drinking fountains feature special bowls for animals at their bases. Additionally, the project was consulted on with the Plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Warsaw for Accessibility to ensure comfortable use for disabled persons.

Clean water
The simple design makes it easier to regularly clean and disinfect the taps. Warsaw tap water is supplied by Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w m.st. Warszawie (Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company in the Capital City of Warsaw). The company is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the drinking fountains – each intake will be inspected and cleaned every day. Further intakes will be opened in July once water-quality tests are over.
This is the first project of this type undertaken in Poland on such a scale. This pilot project will allow us to see whether such facilities can actually work out in cities.