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Chinese visitors in Warsaw, thanks to WeChat

published: 2018-06-11 13:13, mlan
Chinese visitors in Warsaw, thanks to WeChat fot. Chinese visitors in Warsaw, thanks to WeChat

Warsaw opened an account on WeChat, the most popular social networking site in China. It is aimed at promoting Warsaw as an attractive tourist destination among Chinese travellers.

The WeChat profile features the most important information on the Polish capital, its tourist attractions, cultural events, eating out and shopping. Articles are published weekly, but they are also accessible via a special menu which provides website functions to the profile. The account is run by the Warsaw Tourist Office which launched promotional activities in China earlier this year. The WTO is planning to promote the WeChat profile through, i.a., organising press visits for leading Chinese influencers.

Information mostly from the Internet
Online marketing is the most important form of promotion in China. There are over 750 million smartphone users in China, out of whom 98% are connected to the Internet. Over 90% of Internet users have an account on at least one of the available social networking sites. WeChat is a Chinese communication and promotion platform created in 2011. Over a billion profiles have been registered since then, including 16 million official fanpages. It is a counterpart of Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and e-payment platforms, just to name a few. It is a platform which combines numerous website functionalities with communicative functions.

Warsaw in Beijing
Between 15 and 17 June, the Warsaw Tourist Office will be promoting Warsaw during Beijing International Travel Expo. The tourist fair, held for the fifteenth time, is an event addressed to professionals and clients. Each year it is visited by over 100,000 visitors, including 12,000 guests operating in the tourist industry. Visitors to Warsaw's stand will have the opportunity to learn interesting facts about Warsaw, with the city's being presented as an attractive tourist destination. The WSO is also planning to promote Warsaw's WeChat profile.