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Children saving children – the “Crash 2018” course

published: 2018-06-22 12:54, mlan
Children saving children – the “Crash 2018” course fot. Children saving children – the “Crash 2018” course

A training course took place at 29 Księcia Ziemowita St. during which participants saved victims of a car crash. A coach with children collided with two passenger cars. School students traveling by bus nearby were the first to respond.

 “The training scenario was constructed before the crash which occurred last week on the Kraków-Zakopane route,” Ewa Gawor, Director of the Public Safety & Crisis Management Department, said. “As you can see, this was a real catastrophe, and in its course, just as it is the case in our training, the victims as well as those who provided them with first aid, were children.

There were 52 casualties, mainly children in the coach, since, according to the scenario, the collision with the passenger car tipped it to the side. Adults were also trapped in their vehicles, one of which caught fire. The participants did not know the scenario, so they had to respond and make decisions on the fly. The organisers wanted to make this event as real as possible.

Students provided the casualties in the coach with aid, they called for assistance by dialing 112, secured the crash site and took care of the injured peers. Life shows us how important it is for students to be trained in the rules of first aid, to be familiarised with stress and not to be afraid of saving other people,” highlighted Ewa Gawor. The initial efforts by children were quickly supported by the called services. All victims were subjected to triage, with 20 classified in the red group, 11 in the yellow and 19 in green. There were no fatalities.

“I help others – I am safe and effective”
The “Crash 2018” training was part of the “Pomagam – jestem bezpieczny, jestem skuteczny” (I help others – I am safe and effective) programme implemented by the City of Warsaw and the State Fire Service. The project involved training several dozen students in widely understood first aid.  The course on 13 June served as a test of students’ skills and their mental capabilities to react appropriately in crisis conditions. Parents of all children consented to their participation.