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Changes to the City budget

published: 2018-03-28 11:52, mlan

On 22 March Warsaw councillors introduced changes to the City budget and to the Multi-Annual Financial Forecast, as a result of which more funds will be allocated to investments (i.e. over PLN 200,000,000 more). These will be spent, inter alia, on education, culture, health and road infrastructure.

The councillors made several hundred changes to the City budget, providing for several dozen major investments, i.e.

•    Constructing an outpatient clinic at Styrska Street in the Praga Południe District ‒ a new 4-floor out-patient clinic with an area exceeding 3,000 square metres, which will accommodate two facilities currently operating at 73 Zamieniecka Street and at 6 Gruzińska Street. The new clinic will also house a Mental Health Clinic for Children and Youth, and basic healthcare services for children and the Community Treatment Centre;
•    Extending and redeveloping the “Starówka” Centre at 4 Stara Street ‒ adjusting the building to sanitary and fire safety regulations, and raising the standards of care provided by the “Family Warsaw” Family Support Centre, as part of assistance to families facing permanent or temporary functional problems;
•    Modernising the sports and recreational area within the Zofia Galewska Special Purpose School and Education Centre for Visually-Impaired Children No. 8 at 7 Koźmińska Street;
•    Reconstructing the building located at 8/12 Twarda Street (Śródmieście District) for educational purposes, and constructing the headquarters of the Youth Community Centre and the Śródmieście Community Centre ‒ the building will feature a modern community centre and the Special Purpose School and Education Centre for Visually-Impaired Children No. 15;
•    Modernising a utility building at Hrubieszowska Street (Wola District) to house a day support centre for Warsaw Uprising veterans;
•    Constructing a nursery for 150 children at Stolarska/Szwedzka Streets (Praga Północ District)
•    Reconstructing the historic buildings complex at 257, Modlińska Street (Białołęka District) to house the Local Centre;
•    Modernising 29 empty utility premises (Praga Północ District) to form part of the Local Centre at the Hallera Square;
•    Constructing a modular kindergarten building with a playground at Parowcowa Street (Włochy);
•    Extending the “Zacisze” Culture Centre at 1 Blokowa Street (Targówek District);
•    Extending Integrated Kindergarten No. 120 at 2 Tokarza Street (Targówek District);
•    Performing thermal modernisation of Kindergarten No. 228 at 8 Marzanny Street (Mokotów District).

More funds will be spent on the programme for improving the quality of unpaved roads –an additional PLN 5,000,000. Last year 27 roads were paved, and the 2018 plan provides for paving other 18 roads. The streets (and street sections) qualified for paving in 2018 include Jarzębinowa (Białołęka), Ruczaj (Wilanów), Inowłodzka (Białołęka), Szeroka (Wesoła), Foliałowa (Włochy), Makowska (Praga-Południe), Rejowiecka, Ciekawa, Lubuska, Radoszycka (Wawer), Szamotulska (Białołęka), Struga (Włochy), Dudziarska (Praga-Południe), Fortel (Białołęka), Rembertowska (Wesoła), Pogodna (Wesoła), Raciborska (Białołęka) and Henryka Brodatego (Ursus). The costs of such work have been estimated at PLN 5,500,000, and the increase in the budget amount will allow paving other several dozen streets.

Additional money will also be spent on improving road safety. The Municipal Road Authority will allocate PLN 10,000,000 on zebra crossing improvements, e.g. on providing additional lighting and constructing traffic lights at KEN, Modlińska and Kopińska Avenues. Changes will also be made in the Targówek District, as councillors have allocated a sum of PLN 18,000,000 on the construction of the so-called Targówek ring road, i.e. Ossowskiego, Handlowa and Myszkowska streets. Pavements will be repaired and separate cycling paths will be built at a length of over 3 km, along with the first unpaved race track along the right-hand embankment of the Vistula. New benches and lanterns will be provided, and additional plants will be grown, including over 200 trees and 28,000 shrubs. Finally, new zebra crossings and parking spaces will be designed.