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Celebrations commemorating 4 June 1989 in Warsaw

published: 2019-06-06 12:23, mlan
Celebrations commemorating 4 June 1989 in Warsaw fot. Celebrations commemorating 4 June 1989 in Warsaw

The 30th anniversary of the first free elections will be celebrated in Warsaw between 1 and 7 June with concerts, exhibitions, debates, competitions, theatre performances, and presentations of publications related to the breakthrough year of 1989.

“On 4th June, we all went to vote, including those who believed in freedom 100 percent, those who believed 50 percent, and those who wanted to become free. That is why we won the election. This date marked the transformation in our history. We became a European country on that day. “Europe is here, and we are Europe,” said Ewa Malinowska-Grupińska, Chairperson of the Warsaw City Council during a press conference held at the History Meeting House.

Celebrating the anniversary of 4 June 1989, we are aware that 30 years have passed since then. Young people, a large section of Polish society, cannot remember the breakthrough of 1989 from their own experience. Our obligation is to continue speaking about the events, and stress how significant they were,” said Aldona-Machnowska Góra, Coordinator for Culture and Social Communication at the City of Warsaw, during the press conference. “We have prepared a diverse programme for this year’s celebrations. Main celebrations will be held in Gdańsk, but other cities also prepared their own events. We are implementing an educational programme entitled “The Freedom Journey 2019”, as part of which young Warsaw residents visit the European Solidarity Centre. We are organising meetings with historians and participants of those events to schools, so that young people can get a true account of the first free elections.”

Aldona Machnowska-Góra cordially invited everyone to the Saski Park, where Warsaw residents will sing the Polish Anthem at noon, 4th June. The Anthem will also be heard at the same time in other cities taking part in the 4th June celebrations.