Miasto Stoleczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Warsaw

published: 2019-12-20 08:54, mlan

The Mayor of Warsaw and the TVN television network invite you to celebrate the New Year 2020. The event will take place on the Bankowy Square.

On 31 December, the residents and guests gathered at the Bankowy Square, as well as the TVN audience that spends the last day of the year at home in front of TV, will be treated to five hours of fun, listening to the greatest Polish and world hits.

Stars and top songs
Performed on a futuristic stage, the concert will feature artists singing some of the top Polish and world hits of the last decades. On the bill are bands and artists such as Bajm, Perfect, Kombii, Blue Cafe and Pectus, as well as Edyta Górniak, Aleksandra Gintrowska, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Reni Jusis, Ania Karwan, Ewelina Lisowska, Patrycja Markowska, Natalia Szroeder and Baranovski, Grzegorz Hyży, Liber and Sławek Uniatowski. On the stage the artists will be accompanied by dancers demonstrating varied, original choreographies.
People with disabilities can join in the fun

As each year, there will be a specially designated zone for people with disabilities. It will be equipped with a landing for people moving on wheelchairs. Blind or visually impaired persons will be provided with audio description, and deaf persons will be provided with translation into sign language and an audio induction loop. The lyrics will be displayed on a screen. The zone will be staffed with trained assistants.

In the promotion zone, you will find information leaflets such as maps of the event marking disability-adapted facilities and sanitary accommodations. The whole venue will be marked with clearly noticeable pictograms.
People with disabilities can order a transport service to the Bankowy Square – by telephone: 22 298-59-00 and 720-915-300, or by email to bus@specjaltrans.pl – from 11 to 27 December 2019 by 15:00.

Futuristic stage
As in previous years, the stage at the Bankowy Square will be erected at its southern side. The construction will start on 6 December. It will be enormous: 40x24 metres, allowing up to 30 people at the stage at one and the same time. Thanks to two 15-metre walkways extending from the stage into the audience space, the entire Bankowy Square will offer an engaging experience as the singers and bands will have closer contact with the audience.
Featuring an original design, the stage will be equipped with led screens, projectors and lasers. They will create extraordinary lighting and decorative effects.
Road traffic restrictions
From 6 December to 2 January the parking lots at the Bankowy Square will be closed. The road running along the building, connecting the Square with Elektoralna Street, will be closed to traffic.

From Monday 16 December, the roadway at the southern side of the Bankowy Square (between Marszałkowska and Elektoralna Streets), including the entries to Elektoralna and Przechodnia Streets, will be closed for road traffic as well. You will not be able to turn from Marszałkowska Street or the Bankowy Square to Elektoralna Street, or drive from Przechodnia Street to Marszałkowska Street. Two-way traffic will be introduced on Elektoralna Street along the section between Przechodnia and Orla Streets. The access road to the underground parking lots under the building at 1 pl. Bankowy and 115 Marszałkowska Street will not be closed. Moreover, from 0:01 on 16 December to 24:00 on 2 January, the following streets will be closed to parking:
•    Senatorska Street, past the intersection with Marszałkowska Street
•    Elektoralna Street from Orla Street to the Bankowy Square.
From 16 December, due to the fencing off of a part of the Bankowy Square, the bus stop Pl. Bankowy 01 (a stop located closest to the City Hall) will be temporarily out of service.
The buses stopping there normally will now stop at the next nearest site, i.e. at Pl. Bankowy 03.