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20 Łomżyńska – the first residents obtain keys to new flats

published: 2019-10-10 14:52, mlan
20 Łomżyńska – the first residents obtain keys to new flats fot. 20 Łomżyńska – the first residents obtain keys to new flats

The tenement house at 20 Łomżyńska Street has been renovated. On Friday, 27 September 2019, Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski presented the first residents with keys to their flats.

The comprehensive renovation of the building at 20 Łomżyńska Street was carried out as part of the Praga District revitalisation programme. Forty-six families will move into the building, and it will also house a new education and care centre. It is another tenement house commissioned by the City this year” said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw. “Within the framework of already prepared and commenced investments, in the coming years we will commission 2000 flats, and we want there to be even more of them” he added.  

The building, located at 20 Łomżyńska Street, has been thoroughly renovated and extended, retaining only the ground floor external wall in the front part of the building. The walls above the ground floor were dismantled and reconstructed with new materials. The walls on the courtyard side and the storey superstructure on the north and west sides have been renewed. However, the original window joinery has been preserved and the balconies have been reconstructed on the basis of the preserved original elements. The building located at 20 Łomżyńska Street is an example of a City investment which facilitates the preservation of historical value and the character of the place, and at the same time allows the creation of modern and fully equipped flats.

The building at 20 Łomżyńska Street holds 46 one-room flats and a two-room flat (with total areas ranging from 25 to 55 sq.m) and an education and care centre. The flats are ready to admit residents - they have finished floors and walls, the bathrooms are fully equipped, and there are stoves and sinks, switches and electrical outlets. The building is connected to the City’s heating network. The investment cost amounted to PLN 17.8 million.  

The flats in the building on Łomżyńska Street will be available to residents who cannot afford commercial credit, and,