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The 15th Jewish Culture Festival - Singer's Warsaw

published: 2018-08-28 14:18, mlan
The 15th Jewish Culture Festival - Singer's Warsaw - the press conference. fot. The 15th Jewish Culture Festival - Singer's Warsaw - the press conference.

For nine days, at the turn of August and September, Varsovians will have an opportunity to become familiar with Jewish culture and music during the "Singer's Warsaw" Festival.

Numerous cultural institutions in Warsaw but most of all the Grzybowski Square and the Próżna St. area will host the 15th Jewish Culture Festival – Singer's Warsaw. The patron of the festival, Nobel Laureate born in Warsaw, has become a symbol of the culture which was destroyed during the Second World War, but also of the contemporary works of many Jewish artists who return to the pre-War tradition in their works.

"The Jewish Culture Festival is not just one of many cultural events taking place in Warsaw each year," said Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw, during a press conference. "This festival is unique because it unites culture and tolerance. In today's world of recurring xenophobia and racism, the message of this Festival is particularly important," she added.
In Singer's times, Warsaw was a melting pot of cultures and traditions. The Festival is a successful example of bringing back the atmosphere of that era. It is also a certain kind of reflection on the community which was closely interrelated with the history of our city and co-created it.

Gołda Tencer, Art Director of the Festival, emphasised the diversity of the programme and the participation of over 250 performers from Poland and abroad. She also stressed the symbolism of Grzybowski Square, the location of the main events. Thanks to the efforts of the City, the Jewish Theatre is due to receive its permanent location in a historic tenement house situated near the square, at 14 Próżna St.

"This will be our home, and nobody will be able to expel us from it," said Gołda Tencer.
The 15th Jewish Culture Festival - Singer's Warsaw will be held between 25 August and 2 September. The event's programme is available here.

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw, took the patronage over the Festival, and the event is co-financed from the City's budget.