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100 days of Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski's term of office

published: 2019-03-12 09:31, mlan
100 days of Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski's term of office fot. 100 days of Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski's term of office

It was exactly on the 2nd of March that the first 100 days of Rafał Trzaskowski's serving as the Mayor of Warsaw had passed.

“Is a 100-day period long or short? Let us check,” encouraged Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw. “When compared to nine months of awaiting one's beloved child, it appears rather short, but it's been long enough for us to increase the budget for the Warsaw in-vitro programme. It's far too short to build an entire Metro line but long enough to conduct timely work on creating a plan of underground Warsaw connections,” pointed out the Mayor while summarising his first 100 days in office.

•     Building schools
We have accelerated the process of constructing schools and nurseries. We are currently building 15 new primary schools for over 10,000 children. In a few days' time, we will sign contracts for the construction of two school more. The existing schools are also being extended, and the largest 12 modernisation projects will consume ca. PLN 190,000,000. Since the commencement of our term of office, we have put in use three nurseries.
•    Offering pay rises to teachers
We are offering the promised pay rises to teachers, i.e. PLN 250 to teacher trainees with a Master's degree and teaching credentials, and PLN 270 to contract teachers with equivalent qualifications. Increased salaries will also be provided to nominated teachers whose basic pay is the lowest. The pay-rise programme will cover a total of 9,600 teachers. In December 2018, rises were provided to school service staffs.
•     Securing PLN 100 per year for Warsaw students to attend cultural and sporting events
It was thanks to our decision that, in March 2019, the headmasters of Warsaw schools will receive PLN 15,000,000 to cover the costs of students' participation in cultural, scientific and sporting events outside schools. That sum will be distributed between individual classes, with each Warsaw student's being offered PLN 100 per year.
•     Day-rooms working longer hours
Day-rooms in 106 schools now