Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa

Dziesiątki miejsc na poranne spacery

Warsaw in General

Warsaw – the capital of Poland. This amazing city is full of contrasts, question marks and surprises. It will excite and inspire you.

Live in Warsaw!

We would like you to accept our invitation and experience what it’s like to be a Varsovian. So, sit back, relax and feel right at home, because this fabulous city has a plethora of fascinating features.


Warsaw fosters the development of libraries
200 libraries, a book collection with over 5 million volumes, modern media. Warsaw's libraries have the potential that is worth developing for the residents.
Millions in green subsidies
In 2017, the City paid residents nearly PLN 11.1 million in green subsidies. As a result, the implementation of 1460 investments was supported. And 279 of these were connected with getting rid of coal furnaces.
The city eye watches and assists
Video surveillance, alongside the Emergency Reporting Centre, the Crisis Management Office and the City Guard, forms an element of Warsaw’s security system.

Visit Warsaw

Warsaw is a city full of astonishing contrasts and it never ceases to amaze with its magnitude of dimensions and themes, which are there to be discovered, absorbed and understood by the inquisitive.

Invest in Warsaw

The largest office market in Poland, stable economic situation, city’s ambitious investment policy and well-educated inhabitants – these are only few reason why it is worth to invest in Warsaw.

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