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ideas, add suggestions and comments. The Coordinator of the EU-INTEGAIRE Platform foresees to hold a meeting this Autumn. The main aim of this first meeting is to start sharing experiences gained through this project, exchange air quality practices and elaborate our feedback on the adoption of the Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution. The foreseen date is on 19th October (in Bristol). However, this is still to be confirmed in the next weeks subject to the adoption or not of this Strategy. If this is still not adopted, then, the meeting might be postponed, but we will inform you on this in the short term.

Zmiany klimatyczne - kontrola emisji C02
Climate Change controlling CO2 emissions

Grupa Robocza EC ds. jakości powietrza i zmian klimatycznych poszukuje miast chętnych do wzięcia udziału w projekcie finansowanym ze środków UE.

The EUROCITIES Air Quality & Climate Change Working Group is looking for cities to take part in an EU funded project. A maximum of 12 cities would firstly be required to help draft a project proposal. The project would aim to set up a local CarbonNeutral Fund in at least 6 participating cities and to produce a practical handbook on "Raising a CO2-fund".
While climate change is a top priority for many cities, financing small and medium_sized projects aimed at tackling climate change remains difficult. The city of Newcastle (England-UK) runs a very successful CarboNeutral initiative (see www.newcastle.gov.uk/cn/home.htm) which provides funding for local projects. EUROCITIES Air Quality & Climate Change Working Group would like to draw on the success of this initiative and try to set up similar Funds in other cities.
If you are interesting in taking part in this project and setting up a CarbonNeutral fund in your city please contact

Alfons Finkers in The Hague
e-mail: a.finkers@dsb.denhaag.nl

Urban Environment and Health

Oferta współpracy przy projekcie “Urban Environment and Health wystosowaną do BSRiIE przez międzynarodową organizację QEC-ERAN.

Project proposal on Urban Environment and HealthURBACT PROGRAMME This proposal focuses on the interactions between urban environment, health and their socio-economic and cultural dimensions.The aim is to capitalise know-how and practice related to this intersectoral topic that is becoming more and more relevant to local and national public authorities. The URBACT Programme is part of the URBAN Community Initiative. The programme aims to develop transnational exchange of experience between actors, whether cities or other partners, URBAN programmes or Urban Pilot Projects, and to capitalise on these projects, drawing lessons from the results, successes and weaknesses noted.
URBACT Programme contributes to improved relevance and effectiveness of actions tackling the concentration of economic and social problems in small, medium-sized and large European cities, each with their own specific characteristics. It also feeds reflections on Community policies in the urban field, by drawing on concrete local experience and facilitates the networking between cities from all the Member States around three larger objectives :
  1. Develop transnational exchanges between URBAN I and URBAN II cities, those cities having benefited from an Urban Pilot Project, and all cities with more than 20.000 inhabitants in the New Member States of the Union.
  2. II.Capitalise lessons from the analysis of their experiences, policies implemented locally and propose innovative approaches to those difficult issues.
  3. III.Disseminate towards the actors in all European cities the experiences in those different areas, the lessons learned and the resulting proposals for approach.

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